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The Evolution of Flooring

Evo Floors provides innovative commercial flooring products to multiple industries. Continuously looking towards new technologies, our products introduce features to provide solutions. We have built a culture of empowerment and continuous improvement so that our team, our products, our clients, and our community can continue to evolve.

Built from the ground up with the input from some of the industry's most experienced and revered, Evo Floors was created with the idea that the current offering in the marketplace needed a change. For far too long flooring has been stale. By refining traditional concepts, evolving some aspects, and turning some completely upside down, the Evo Floors options allow for a completely new and transformative experience for all commercial spaces.

We plan to continue to innovate, provide solutions and always be at the forefront of the evolution of flooring.

Our Core Values

Evolve Yourself and Those Around You

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